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A virtual 'Mentor'
in the palm of your hand

How does it look

Get ot know
'what makes you tick' -
Your personal Unique Drivers  
Get to know your team members: 
what drives them and 
how energized they are 
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Get personalized, practical 'playbooks'
tailored to each team member's individual drivers 
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How can you grow your people to be at their best and keep them engaged, energized, and joyful?

We are now amid a grand transformation in the world of work.

"The great resignation”, “quiet quitting”, and adopting hybrid work models drive the most significant pain of all employers’ across sectors.

Recent studies show the importance of caring, empathy, connection, and joy to employee engagement and business success.

Team Meeting

Discovery process

Revealing each employee's unique drivers.

Using a proven behavioral-science assessment

AI and Human Mind 

Combining AI (LLM) and people science models with years of leadership and management consulting experience

Continually sensing pulses 

A continuous measurement of employee energy levels enables leaders to better manage engagement and performance


Practical advice

Providing practical suggestions that managers can use to help employees improve and thrive. These are personalized  based on the individual unique driving forces

The key is mainly in the hands of the direct managers,


When it comes to managing people one size doesn't fit all.

Individuals are different from each other. First-line managers are usually short on time and have a limited employee-management skill set. Wouldn't it be great if they had a ׳mentor׳ who is there for them at any time?

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Image by Hanson Lu

We drive passion into action

AI/ML-powered platform that deeply understands every individual’s unique drivers and interactions within the organization. Analyzes and predicts the challenges that arise and provides a personalized managerial “playbook” for better collaboration and performance at all levels.

The playbook enables managers to address performance issues in an individualized and meaningful way and employees to develop and thrive alone and with others.

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Working with the best

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Focused, straight to the point, excellent tool!

It’s an amazing tool, one that points the manager to the focused and fastest way to get to each employee -

no matter where he stands


The nudges are spot on,

I love them. They are clear, effective and very practical.

I am excited to get them


Our products are available directly to organizations or through our affiliates who are certified to use them

Working from Home



Full access to the platform, including ongoing pulse checks and real-time energy measurements

UX Design Team

L&D programs 

Our platform is integrated in leadership development programs, employee engagement initiatives, career development programs and more, helping our clients achieve higher ROI and increase effectiveness

Happy Friends

Certification programs
for affiliation

A comprehensive training program for organizational consultants, executive coaches, and HR&OD professionals that certifies them to use and sell Claro Mentor

Get to Know Us

Our purpose is to help organizations become human-centric and create an irresistible work environment where people and business can thrive.

Through our technology, leaders can improve their people management skills and develop a growth mindset. 

With years of experience, a thorough understanding of our target market, and deep knowledge of our industry, we make up our team .

Driving our passion into action, we strive to make the workplace a better place for individuals and businesses.

By combining data science and people science, our platform offers innovative solutions across all industries to the biggest problems they face

Meet The Team

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Smadar Tadmor

Co Founder & CEO

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Shaul Ben Maor

  • LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn

Co Founder & CTO

Ran Horodi

Co Founder & CPO


Shmuel Merhav



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